Monday, March 10, 2014

Feels Like a New Home

The other day mom came into the apartment with a suggestion - it was something we'd toyed with as an option in the past but we'd never pursued - she said let's trade rooms.  Hannah and I were in the small room (I would wager it was about 100 sq ft at most) and with a queen size bed, writing desk, book shelf, and dresser... it was more than a little cramped.  It felt frustrating, claustrophobic, and impersonal.

But now... now mom and dad are going to take the small room (since the room for them is just a sleeping place) they figure they can deal with the smallness, and we'll be taking the larger room so that we can A) keep all our crap pretty much localized in the bedroom and not in the rest of the apartment, B) hang out with friends in the bedroom versus the living room, C) have a quiet space to do school work in, and D) take showers whenever we want as we now have the room attached to the bathroom.  It's not fair in some ways because mom and dad pay the rent with Hannah and I helping in other ways, but in the end it feels like we really have privacy now and we should be able do some serious writing and meditating in our new environment.  At least that is the hope.  We've pretty much done all the moving - it's just sprucing up the place now, but we can already tell it's going to be a positive change for us.

Tonight I am relaxing.  I'm going to watch an entirely self-indulgent horror flick and then I'm going to work on Death Man for a bit.  The rest of the week is going to go so quickly.  My paycheck will be gone the second I get it via bills, but that's not anything really new.  Still, to commemorate the new room, Hannah and I did start donating plasma again.  It's scary and weird but not entirely unpleasant.  I figure next time, I'll take the two short books I've been working on since I couldn't concentrate enough to read the Windup Girl today.  On the fifth donation I will get a $100 bonus.  So between Hannah and I that's $200 bucks!  We're going to get bookshelves most likely - or I could pay down some more on my debt.  Being an adult sucks.