Sunday, October 2, 2016

Spell 1: Protection

What is a spell. This is going to be my own opinion and I know that other people may view spells differently but here goes: a spell is a set of words (sometimes rhyming, sometimes unspoken), often accompanied by a set of tasks (spreading salt, stirring a potion, etc.) that channel intention and energy toward a specific or generic goal. In essence I would say that these spells are mini rituals and as such can involve tools, ingredients, and any number of physical symbols to aid in raising energy for the success of the spell. 

Since I've been thinking about this spell project for the past several weeks I've, naturally, been looking up various spells and formats and talking to friends about their own experiences with spells. Some websites that I've perused:, and The truth is there are hundreds of ways to create and cast a spell. I'm only going to create and cast fifteen spells during this month and I will barely touch on the expanse of creative potential that comes along with spell work. But to get us started I'm going to write out and cast a protection spell. (The writing part is today and the casting part is tomorrow). 

Just a note: if anyone wants to try these spells please do! And if you wish to change them up a bit to better incorporate your particular needs or path, that is perfectly all right. If anyone does try one of my spells throughout this month (and if you are willing to share your experience) I would love to hear about it in the comments section or private message. That being said here we go!

Fresh sage (or powdered and consecrated sage from the kitchen)
Magic Salt (or consecrated salt)
A bowl of Shrine water (or consecrated water, or moon charged water)
Smudge stick
A white candle (or whatever color best represents protection for you)

The plan: find a quiet space with little distraction. Create a small circle with the leaves of the sage. Place a cup of shrine water as well as a white candle within the circle. Light the candle and take a moment to ground. When you're ready, sprinkle salt into the water while saying these words:

"Great Lord and Lady, Faeries and Sprites, 
Creatures of Magick, and all of our Wights,
All spirits within, all spirits without,
Help keep us safe, beyond shadow of doubt."

Hold the smudge stick in your hands. Close your eyes and envision a white glow all around you that extends to the boundaries of your home (to the car in the parking lot, to the pumpkin patch out back and maybe even along the walk ways around your apartment). Speak these words:

"Shield of love, O perfect light,
Keep me safe both day and night,
Protect us from harm, protect us from wrong,
Protect kith and kin and all who belong."

Light the smudge stick from the candle. Walk the house and smudge all corners of every room. Continue to chant "Shield of love" if you wish or just envision the light spreading and flooding your home. When you are finished return to the circle of sage. Extinguish the smudge stick (if you wish you can dip it into the cup of shrine water or you can extinguish it with a shell). Take the cup of shrine water and go to the front door and wet the threshold with about half of the cup's contents. Speak out loud that you welcome those who mean you no harm and that you cast out and reject all things of ill-will. Go to the back door and repeat this. Return to the sage circle once again repeat what you said at the beginning: "Great Lord and Lady..." Thank the gods and the good spirits around you for helping your spell. Extinguish the white candle. You are done. 


  1. Spell #1 of the October Spell Challenge. This is a pet healing/comfort spell. I included supplies, instructions, and my observations from it.

    Healing oil
    Crystals and Stones
    1 black candle
    1 red Candle
    1 white candle
    Chant printed or memorized

    Chant for energy: Healing Chant by Jane Winter on Youtube
    Come to me lord and lady
    Heal this spirit, heal this soul
    Come to me lord and lady
    Mind and body shall be whole

    Beast of the burning sunlight
    Sear this wound that pain may cease
    Mistress of watery moonlight,
    Hold us fast and bring us peace

    -Cast a circle for protection
    -Anoint all 3 candles with the Healing oil.
    -The black Candle is to absorb the negativity / illness, Red is for strength, and the white candle is the
    significator candle for the animal also representing the connection to the gods.
    -Place the crystals (ones you associate with healing) around the setup.
    - Ground yourself and become one with the spirit.
    - Chant to build up energy, you can also build energy within your hands. Either one works or you can do both.
    -If your pet is with you then place your hands on your pet and giving it healing energy that you’ve built.
    You can concentrate and focus that energy to any areas where the illness is.
    -Anoint your pet with a small touch of the healing oil so it connects them to the candles.
    -Focus on the candles, while keeping contact with your pet (or a representation of it), visualize the
    strength from the red candle pouring into the white candle, and then envision it pushing all the sickness from the white candle into the black candle. Then connect with the Goddess, and when you've got the visualizations above going (and the pet!), say:

    “God and Goddess.
    Bring healing light, love, and comfort to ____________(Pet’s/person’s name).
    Heal his/her body, mind, heart, and Spirit
    Send your healing energies to mend what is broken
    Heal that which is seen and unseen.
    Center what has become unbalanced
    and soothe what is painful .
    Allow his/her body, mind, heart, and Spirit to be rejuvenated
    So mote it be!”

    -Continue the petting and visualizing the energy flow until you feel that the spell is done.
    -Close the circle and allow the animal plenty of time to rest and heal.

    *If you want you can continue the spell for a number of days (I'd suggest at least 3 days), or you can burn them down all at once or save them and use them the next time a pet doesn’t feel well.

    *Healing oil can be bought at various Pagan stores, or you can make your own with this recipe found online:
    6 drops Lavender oil
    6 drops Rosemary oil
    1/2 ounce base oil (apricot kernel, jojoba, grapeseed, even olive oil)

    I did this spell on 10-4-16. Riley grabbed the white candle as I was setting up and marked it. And after I was done all the pets in the house immeadiately started playing around with each other as I cleaned up. And the Riley demanded to sit in my lap once I was done.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this! ^_^ Riley is such a cutie and a love-bug.